We welcome referrals of children and adolescents with life-limiting conditions who meet our eligibility criteria.

Referrals can come from any source such as a family, a GP, a nurse, an allied health professional, or hospital staff, as long as the child’s parent or carer with parental responsibility, has given their consent. 

Referrals are assessed at fortnightly multi-disciplinary meetings. Very Special Kids requires permission of the referred family to contact nominated medical consultants who will advise on eligibility. Referrers will be notified of the outcome of the eligibility assessment process once it is complete. If the child or adolescent meets the criteria and is accepted into Very Special Kids, a member of our Family Support Team and the Intake and Assessment Coordinator will contact the family to arrange a home visit to discuss our  services.

Referrals for end of life care can contact the intake assessment co-ordinator within business hours or the hospice team directly on 03 9804 6230. Very Special Kids also accepts referrals for children and adolescents who have already died and who would have met our eligibility criteria, for up to 12 months after death.  

For more information about referrals please call (03) 9804 6221 or email referrals@vsk.org.au