Very Special Kids Hospice is one of a kind in Victoria, offering eight beds for respite and end-of-life care for children with life-threatening conditions, with nurses available 24 hours, and family accommodation on site.  At the helm of this operation is Hospice Manager Sue Kea... Read More

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Seven-year-old William Watson and five-year-old Hamish Waston have an extremely rare genetic condition. The brothers are two of only six cases in Australia and 60 reported cases worldwide.The condition, Adenylosuccinate Lyase (AdsL) Deficiency, has caused severe progressive n... Read More

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Very Special Kids Chief Medical Officer Dr Simon Cohen shares his thoughts on the need for more resources for paediatric palliative care. This opinion piece originally appeared in the Medical Observer.In the developed world, death in childhood is relatively uncommon, and when... Read More

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In the lead up to the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge from 22 to 23 May we interviewed Family Support Worker, Mei Goh about her work with Very Special Kids families and why the challenge is so importantQ: What do you do in your role at Very Special Kids? A: I work directly with ... Read More

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Very Special Kids celebrated the opening of its renovated family accommodation, and the success of the Chain Reaction Challenge Victorian riders, at a special event in one of the new family apartments.The event was attended by riders from the Victorian chapter of the corporat... Read More

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When Belinda and Craig Mullans’ first child was born, they had a picture in their mind about what life would be like with their baby boy. However, it didn’t turn out as planned.“My first Mother’s Day was not at all like I expected it would be. Jack was only three week... Read More

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The recent Volunteer Professional Development session focused on working with children who are non-verbal and included expert advice from a Speech Therapist.Gill Greenwood, a Speech Therapist from Glenallen School, facilitated the session where volunteers were given the oppor... Read More

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15-year-old Jack Evans is a huge Hawthorn supporter, loves exploring Melbourne, playing with his younger brothers and talking circles around Very Special Kids Hospice nurses. However, when Jack was first born, his family were told he wouldn’t live past two years old.Spinal... Read More

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As a parent of William and Hamish, who both have the same extremely rare genetic condition, Mother’s Day holds special meaning for Natalie Watson and her husband Brian.“Mother’s Day is a day that we remember our beautiful mums and show appreciation for all the little th... Read More

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In the lead up to the 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge from 22 to 23 May we interviewed Jodie Lapthorne, a Very Special Kids Hospice nurse, about what inspires her and the advice she has for 24 Hour Treadmill Challenge participants.Q: Tell us about your role A: My role involves m... Read More

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