Family Services

Sibling Support

Very Special Kids provides a Sibling Support Program for children living with a brother or sister who is unwell or who has died.

When a child has a life-limiting condition, we often forget about the stress this can place on the whole family, let alone their siblings who often don’t fully understand their brother’s or sister’s illness. For them, it can often be a time of great confusion, resentfulness and loneliness.

Our Sibling Support Program provides activities where siblings have the opportunity to meet other siblings in a caring and safe environment. A therapeutic framework allows children to not only explore their emotions, but also enhance self-esteem, encourage peer support and reduce the sense of isolation.

All programs are based on a variety of themes and involve a therapeutic activity designed to create a sense of connection with other siblings. The program offers:
• Sibling Days
• Bereaved Sibling Days
• Closed Bereaved Sibling group
• Tween Movie Night
• Adolescent Days
• Adolescent Weekend

To find out more information about the services we offer to families, please call the Very Special Kids Support Line on (03) 9804 6253 or download the Sibling Support Program fact sheet.