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Family Services - Preston

The Preston family access many family services offererd by Very Special Kids

Like many boys his age, seven-year-old Archie Preston enjoys riding his bicycle, running around the backyard of the family home and going to the beach and swimming pool. You might say that there is nothing unusual about this story, until you learn that Archie was born with a rare genetic condition and was diagnosed with inoperable tumour when he was five years old.

Archie is mobile, but he is non-verbal and he requires assistance with all his daily needs and one-on-one care. His future is also uncertain. This places great emotional and physical pressures on parents Carley and Nathanael and their four-year-old daughter Cleo.

Very Special Kids helps lighten the load for the Prestons by offering emotional support, advocating on behalf of the family and a trained home volunteer to support Cleo, as well as providing access to respite care for Archie at Very Special Kids House.

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