Family Services

Counselling & Emotional Support

Through the journey of life-limiting childhood illness, everyone in the family needs support.

Our experienced, understanding palliative care team is ready to hear your story, struggles and concerns. We will provide honest, expert advice to help you respond to confronting information about life-limiting illness, and understand all the options available to support you through the process of gathering information and making decisions about your child and family’s care.

Counselling provides an opportunity to talk about the difficulties families may be experiencing. Our practitioners respond to the needs of everyone in your family, including siblings and your wider support network, to help them share their experiences, connect with the activities that best help them, have their own needs met and learn how to navigate their journey of grief with safety and support.

This counselling may occur formally or as informal emotional support in response to families changing needs. Counselling is an opportunity for a parent, sibling or child to express feelings, thoughts, hopes and fears in a safe, non-judgmental space, identifying their strengths and strategies that will assist them in dealing with the many adjustments in their life.

To find out more information about receiving counselling and emotional support from a Family Support Practitioner, please call the Very Special Kids Support Line on (03) 9804 6253 or download the Family Support Practitioner fact sheet.