Children's Hospice

Hospice Programs

Very special child Mia and music therapist Helena enjoy time in the central courtyard.
Respite stays at Very Special Kids House offer fun, engaging and therapeutic activities in a home away from home environment for children and young people.
A dog is lying on the ground outdoors, looking at the camera. There are children in the background

Allied Health
We provide a versatile range of allied health services to complement our holistic approach to care for children and young people. During a respite stay, children can enjoy and benefit from music therapy, creative therapy and physiotherapy, including aquatic physiotherapy in our new hydrotherapy pool. Jaffa, our much-loved therapy dog, also helps to create a relaxed environment so children and young people can feel comfortable, settled and supported. 

A young boy and his mum enjoy the light display in the multi-sensory room

Multi-sensory room
The multi-sensory room is a special environment designed to create a stimulating yet calming atmosphere for children with a variety of abilities. The room has soft play areas and interactive light displays that can be voice or touch activated.

View of our outdoor playground and covered veranda area.

Our outdoor playground is fully accessible with engaging activities for all abilities. Including covered and open spaces, and the ever-popular wheelchair swing, children can enjoy some outdoor activity in a safe environment.

School Holiday Program
Running four times a year, the School Holiday Program gives children and young people access to incursions and outings in a safe and controlled environment. The program is available to children staying at the hospice during that time.