Children's Hospice

Hospice Programs

Music Therapy
The Music Therapy Program provides a safe space for children to express themselves. It’s extremely beneficial for children who cannot communicate verbally or have difficulties hearing, seeing, moving or responding. A single instrument can possess qualities of sound and tone that can reach a child.

Art Therapy
Creativity takes centre stage at the Hospice with the Art Cabriolet on site four days a week. The art therapists work with children to create paintings and artworks using their emotional, sensory and motor skills. Art Therapy enables expression beyond words while also building a legacy for those children in palliative care.

Multi-sensory Room
The multi-sensory room is a special environment designed to create a stimulating yet calming atmosphere for children with a variety of disabilities. Its features a waterbed, a bubble lamp, many interactive lights and soft play areas.

School Holiday Program
Operated four times each year, the Hospice School Holiday Program ensures that children with life-limiting conditions have access to activities and outings in a safe and controlled environment. Our passionate and trained volunteers generously give their time to help at the Hospice Holiday Program. The program can only be accessed by children staying at the hospice during that time.

Mates Weekends
These are designed to bring children together who are facing similar physical challenges. Very Special Kids also runs Mates on the Move Weekends for children that are very mobile and have developmental and intellectual disabilities that require one-to-one care.

The playground provides easy access for children and the wheelchair swing proves to be extremely popular.