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Cody defeats the odds with ice-hockey

As a little boy Cody had extra ocular retinoblastoma and lost one eye. He had very aggressive treatment with chemotherapy, was unable to walk properly and was constantly burning up.

Now 9 years old and experiencing good health, Cody is a big ice hockey fan and discovered a passion for the sport after attending The Canada Club of Victoria’s ice skating event held for Very Special Kids last year. Continue reading

Bloggers give back at Very Special Kids

Last night Very Special Kids, hosted a very special evening with some very special ladies. We had over 30 fashion and mummy bloggers come to our building in Malvern, and help us get ready for our Fashion Sale on Saturday 18 June at Malvern Town Hall. Click here for more details.

Assisted by our Ambassador Jess Dempsey, owner of well-known blog What Would Karl Do and The Mummy Confidentials, the ladies had a fantastic evening filled with treats and professional photo-shoots, in order to raise awareness of the sale and help raise much needed funds for our hospice.

The ladies also got to meet Rennae Wiliams, one of the mothers that we support, who shared some very thoughtful insights and stories with the humbled attendees.

It was fantastic to see women that have such a large reach through their online networks, getting involved and encouraging their followers to get on board too.

Not only did the ladies showcase the items that will be on sale, but they compiled outfits and snapped some photo’s for their online platforms, so search the tag #vskfashionsale to get some sneak previews of what will be on offer at our sale.

Thank you so much to all whom attended, we look forward to seeing you again!

All bloggers wear clothing in the following photos that will be on sale for up to 90% off at the Sale.

Fashion Ambassador Jess Dempsey shares why she supports Very Special Kids

Very Special Kids is always thrilled to have the amazing support of our Fashion Sale Ambassador Jess Dempsey. Jess is a fashion and lifestyle blogger, known for her fashion blog What Would Karl Do, and a mum of two boys. Here Jess shares her insights to why she supports Very Special Kids and how you can help support too.

My connection with Very Special Kids comes from being a mum of two little boys. It was Aston who first led me to the charity in 2013 when we went to their annual Fair and since then I have learnt more about the cause and have visited Very Special Kids Hospice.

At first, it was hard to visit the hospice, especially as I thought about what the mothers of these children would be going through. But then I was inspired and humbled as I saw what a great job the nurses and carers do to look after the children that are staying there, and the incredible services that are offered to parents to help them cope.

It was an easy choice to make when I was asked to be the Very Special Kids Fashion Sale Ambassador. Each year the bi-annual sale raises close to $100,000 for the charity, which costs $7million annually to operate, and I feel lucky to be able to help them do that.

I am also proud to be associated with an event that attracts donations from such well-known Australian and International high-street and designer brands.

It’s great to be able to pick up a brand-new designer dress for $50, but I also like knowing that the money I’m spending is going towards helping families and children that need it the most.

Of course, the success of the Very Special Kids Fashion Sale wouldn’t be possible without the shoppers and we’d like to extend an invitation to you to come and enjoy the event.

I promise it will be a shopping trip that’s not just good for your wallet, but good for your heart too, as you help us support children with life-threatening conditions, and their families.

I hope to see you there!
Jess Dempsey

The Very Special Kids Fashion Sale is on Saturday 18 June 9am-3pm at Malvern Town Hall. Top brands will be on sale at up to 90% off and all proceeds go to Very Special Kids to help support children in need. Click here for more info and Fashion Sale updates.

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